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At Mariners Mile Pet Clinic, we recognize the critical role that prompt and precise diagnoses play in formulating the most effective treatment plan for your beloved pet. That is why our practice is equipped with cutting-edge laboratory and diagnostic services, offering a full in-house laboratory.

From internal medicine evaluations to virus screenings and orthopedic exams, we offer a complete array of diagnostic tests to gain a thorough understanding of your pet's health.

Through our affiliations with esteemed laboratories, radiologists, cardiologists, and mobile surgeons, you can have confidence that the results you receive will meet the highest standards.


X-rays are pivotal in our diagnostic process, providing a detailed perspective of your pet's bones and internal organs. Whether it's identifying fractures, foreign bodies, oral diseases, or soft tissue damage, x-rays enable us to accurately diagnose and formulate the optimal treatment plan for your pet.


Our ultrasound capabilities enhance our visualization of your pet's internal organs and tissues, offering a clearer picture of their internal health. Whether it involves evaluating the condition of tendons, ligaments, or other soft tissues, ultrasound is a fundamental tool in our commitment to delivering the best possible care for your pet.

At Mariners Mile Pet Clinic, our dedication is to ensure that your pet receives the most comprehensive and precise diagnoses, leading to the development of the best possible treatment plan. Don't hesitate—schedule your appointment today for top-notch veterinary care.