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Wellness Exams

Regular wellness examinations are crucial for assessing your pet's overall health in the Newport Beach, CA area, ensuring both their physical and mental well-being are in optimal condition. At Mariners Mile Pet Clinic, our comprehensive exams focus on every aspect of your pet's health, identifying any issues and providing tailored veterinary care solutions.

What's Included in Our Wellness Exam?

Our thorough wellness exams aim to evaluate and maintain your pet's physical and mental wellness. Regular visits to Mariners Mile Pet Clinic enable our veterinarians to detect subtle changes in your pet's behavior, ultimately enhancing their quality of life and longevity.

A typical comprehensive wellness exam at Mariners Mile Pet Clinic includes checking your pet's eyes, ears, dental health, skin, and behavior. Our expert team also inquires about your pet's diet and behavior at home, allowing us to offer personalized recommendations based on their specific condition.

Take the proactive step today and schedule an appointment with Mariners Mile Pet Clinic in Newport Beach, CA, for a comprehensive wellness exam for your beloved pet!